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Savetime Relievers, the Digital Change

We are a lead magnet that connects clients to the right service providers and service providers to clients in Kenya. Get ready to save more time and enjoy peace of mind both as a service provider and as a client. Either way, you hold both positions.

Founded in the year 2019, Savetime Relievers came to fill the void.

Savetime Relievers is a platform for both corporates and individuals (self-employed) to showcase their expertise and get customers from all over the world.

Why all over the world?

For example, a Kenyan living in the UK would need an interior designer to beautify his house in Kenya!

Savetime Relievers is a Kenyan global village.

Any company or individual who provides legitimate services in Kenya is eligible to register at Savetime Relievers through the Add Listing button.

Here is a list of some of the services you can list on Savetime Relievers website, https://savetimerelievers.org.

  1. Hotels and restaurants
  2. Construction companies/services
  3. Transport companies/services
  4. Motor vehicle repair companies/services
  5. Event/Wedding planners/Caterers

Why is ‘Savetime Relievers’ the Problem Solver?

It came to our realization that people spend a lot of time looking for services and places in Kenya. We have new people at any given place at any given time wanting help with something. Bearing in mind the client is always right, we thought of making it easier for them to find you.

So, how does ‘Savetime Relievers’ help your clients find you?

Hotels and Restaurants

Savetime Relievers takes your business to the next level.

People are permanently on the move doing business and they would love to stop over somewhere and have some meals. You will find several new people on a particular route every moment. Some of them may unexpectedly require a place to sleep!

Savetime Relievers saves them the hustle of stopping over to ask where they can have lunch or sleep. Furthermore, the person asked may not understand the type of hotel or restaurant clients would love to enjoy their lunch in!

What does that result in?

Spending too much time looking for the appropriate place to eat or sleep!

This is how ‘Savetime Relievers’ comes in.

Clients can simply check out the list of hotels and restaurants in any place in Kenya (where they intend to have lunch), call, and book lunch in advance.

When they get there, it will hardly take 10 minutes before they get served. Savetime Relievers reduces the waiting time before having lunch.

Construction Companies/Services

This is where clients find contractors, interior designers, electricians, plumbers, and any other building-related services.

Anyone who has built a house somewhere will bear witness that getting the right people to do a good job has never been easy.

Now, replicate the two examples above in your area of service. If you expect clients to find you easily, you need to sign up at ‘Savetime Relievers.’

‘Savetime relievers’ connects people through this website. Fill out the form on the Submit New Entry link to list the services you offer, or to float your vacancy. As people search through the website, you are likely to meet your match.

Going back to my two examples:

  1. You can use the search bar to find a place. For example ‘hotels in Narok.’ Once they come up, you only need to check through them link up with your preferred choice. In other words, you get served immediately you get to the hotel and proceed on your journey.
  2. If your car breaks down, you only need to type ‘mechanics,’ or ‘mechanics in Narok’ and choose one of them. It will shorten your physical searching and waiting time. It depends on where you are.

NB: These two are not the only services you will find here. Kindly go through the services link to see more. We only used them to make clear what Savetime Relievers does.

Want to understand us much better? Click here. Otherwise, here is part of what to expect.

How do you know if Savetime Relievers is working for you?

You are, definitely, a client for a particular service. If you used Savetime Relievers, to find the service, that’s it!

Secondly, simply ask your clients how they found you!

Over a period, you will realize quite a number found you through Savetime Relievers.

Now, discover the world of Savetime Relievers and reduce your stress.  



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