What We Do

Welcome to Savetime Relievers! 

At Savetime Relievers, we are your reliable solution for accommodation, errand-running, and email management, all aimed at saving you time and effort. Our mission is to assist clients from all over the world in managing their responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

  1. Accommodation Made Easy: One of our core services is providing hassle-free accommodation solutions throughout Kenya. We understand the challenges of finding suitable accommodation, and that’s why we have curated comprehensive listings on our website,, to make your search for the perfect place effortless.

  2. Proficient Email Management: As virtual assistants working remotely, we handle email management for clients worldwide. Our dedicated team ensures your inbox is organized, important emails are prioritized, and responses are prompt, streamlining your communication and workflow. Learn more at

  3. Savetime Errands: In Nairobi, Kenya, we take care of various errands on behalf of our global clients. Whether it’s sourcing, packaging, and delivering products to your preferred location or running diverse errands for specialized services, we have got you covered. Discover more about our Savetime Errands service at

At Savetime Relievers, our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction set us apart. Join our growing list of satisfied clients and experience the freedom of having a reliable partner to handle your time-consuming tasks. Let us be your ultimate time relievers.


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