Car Hire Listing Details For Car Owners

Please fill in all the details you expect clients to know about your car. Examples include:  

  1. Where is your car based?
  2. Is your car available for immediate hire?
  3. Do you have a specific number of days of which you hire out the car?
  4. Can your car be used in all of Kenya or would you only like it to be used within a certain region?  
  5. Do you issue your car with a full tank and expect it to return with a full tank? Alternatively, do you give it out empty and do not mind it coming back empty?  

We kindly request that you ensure your car is equipped with the necessary security features and a tracking device. It is essential for you to take responsibility for monitoring your vehicle. Our role is to facilitate connections between car owners like yourself and those in need of car rentals. Thank you for your cooperation.

NB: Kindly include any other specific information you would like clients to know before considering your car for hire. 


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