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Tough decision

This one has pampered my toddler. The baby doesn’t even care when I walk in. On the contrary, she’s disorganised. I’ll keep her for the sake of the baby though. Their bond gives me peace of mind.


Time will tell

So far, I cannot complain. It’s been two months with lots of peace. I’m only scared of her talkertiveness. I wonder how that will go. But I’m crossing my fingers.


No love for kids

When I took her, she said she loves kids but she shouts at my children. I guess, I need to make a decision to replace her despite her cleanliness. Please tell your girls to be truthful 😕

Nancy Oiro

It’s a learning process

You gave me such a respectful lady. Although she’s a bit slow, I believe we can handle that. Otherwise, she’s keen to learn. I trust she will catch up soon.

Deborah Gakii

Happy with my girl

I was skeptical but opted to give her a try. It’s been six weeks and my kids are happy in her hands. My house is clean too. I’m hoping she keeps it up. Thank you so much

Jenifer Kariuki