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Our Wide Array of Services

At Savetime Relievers, our range of services extends beyond providing accommodation facilities in Kenya. We take it a step further by offering email management services, errand running services, and car hire services to cater to the comfort and convenience of our clients. Let’s delve into these services and gain a better understanding of each one. If you’re interested in any of these services, simply click on the respective links provided. You’ll be directed to a detailed explanation and a form to fill out.

Our email management services have proven beneficial to clients worldwide. By working remotely, we save clients valuable time and provide peace of mind as they focus on their other responsibilities. In essence, partnering with us allows you to accomplish two tasks at once: we handle your emails while you ensure smooth operation of your business. For further information or to engage with this service, please visit our Email Management page.

At the testimonials section of the page, you can find feedback from our esteemed clients. These testimonials serve as a testament to the exceptional service we provide. We encourage you to take a look and see what others have said about their experiences with us. We believe that reading these testimonials will help you gain confidence in our ability to meet your needs effectively.

We have an essential division dedicated to running errands. This service aims to alleviate your stress, regardless of your location, whether within or outside Kenya. We can handle errands in Nairobi and even extend our assistance beyond the city, depending on your specific requirements. Simply complete the form on our Savetime Errands page, and we will promptly reach out to you to gather further details and discuss engagement opportunities. 

Take a moment and browse through our testimonials section of the page. Our satisfied clients have generously shared their experiences and feedback, which we believe will give you valuable insights into the quality of our services. Please consider reading the testimonials to get a better understanding of the positive impact we can make.

If you’ve ever had a car you wanted to rent out but struggled to find potential renters, or if you’ve been in need of a rental car without a convenient solution, we are here to help. Our role is to connect individuals like you with suitable car rental options. If you’d like us to include your car in our database of available vehicles for hire, please click here.

We actively encourage more people to offer their cars for hire, which allows us to provide you with the exact type of car you desire. This approach also enables you to swiftly familiarize yourself with the terms of engagement. If you require to hire a car, please click here.


At Savetime Relievers, we are dedicated to providing excellent service and always value your feedback. Your input allows us to evaluate our performance and make necessary improvements. Otherwise, please click on the relevant links above to explore the service you’re interested in and we will sort you out.